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Labor and Employment Litigation

Labor & Employment


Business litigation requires a long-term strategy so that you do not negatively affect your bottom line. We know that the outcome of business litigation can have far-reaching effects that can threaten our client’s future success. We work hard to partner with you and to understand your situation, your long-term goals, and your business needs. From there, we build a strategy with supporting litigation, if necessary, to meet those needs.

Areas of Litigation
  • Title VII Lawsuits
  • Business Lawsuits
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • Human Resources consulting​
When Do I Contact A Business Litigation Lawyer?

Many times clients contact a litigation attorney too late, and it severely limits their options. In the preliminary stages, you maybe drafting contracts yourself which can have varying results and effects down the road. If you feel that you are being sued, have employment issues, or have grounds for a lawsuit, please contact The Whitfield Law group to discuss your case. Please call to discuss your case with us.

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