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Family Law

Family Law

Family is important, especially here in Mississippi. Family law deals with any issue that may arise between family members and can pertain to an almost infinite number of certain situations. When a family problem arises, The Whitfield Law Group can provide you with the right guidance to ensure that you protect your options and avoid any mistakes commonly associated with prolonging professional council. We have years of experience dealing with delicate family matters, and we will walk you through the necessary steps to resolve your situation.

At Whitfield Law, we promise you:

  • One-on-one personal attention
  • A prompt response to any questions or concerns you may have
  • A clear overview of your options with suggestions for best course of action
  • Years of experience in dealing with family law in Mississippi

When you’re going through a divorce, the world feels small, and you may feel alone and depressed. These feelings are not uncommon, but divorce will unfortunately affect you and your family emotionally and financially. The professionals at Whitfield Law want to help you transition to a happier future with as little stress as possible. You will need a Mississippi divorce lawyer to assist you in separation agreements, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, alimony, and distribution of assets. If there are children involved you may need help with child support, child visitation rights, and child custody. These situations should be addressed as quickly as possible to minimize any additional emotional conflict so please call the Whitfield Law Group to discuss your case.

Child Support

When a child is involved in a divorce the situation becomes compounded financially and emotionally. The most important thing to consider is how the children will be supported as they go forward in life. Each parent has the right to equally remain active in their children’s lives unless certain factors from one parent negatively affect the child. The responsibility needs to be shared between the parents to ensure a positive experience for children caught between parental separation. Both parents are legally required to financially support their children as minors until they reach 21 years of age (some exceptions involved). Our family attorneys can help you with your child support situations whether you are giving or receiving the support. There are many variables and legal conditions that will probably apply to any case involved with child support so having an attorney to clarify is a very smart decision, especially early on in a divorce.


Alimony, aka spousal support, is the way former spouses maintain their way of life after a divorce. When one spouse becomes dependent on the other while in a marriage, they maybe entitled to financial support which can be temporary or permanent. Many variables contribute to the amount and conditions but some main factors are the length of marriage, age, time separated, employment ability/opportunity, and prior marital lifestyle. Determining the amount can be an struggle for many couples and is why many cases go to court. Understanding the process of gaining alimony is essential to finding a common ground between a separated couple. The Whitfield Law group has the experience to can help you gain a deeper understanding and represent you if your situation ends up in court.

Domestic Violence

Sadly, we see quite a few of these cases each year. Any situation regarding domestic abuse should be handled by an attorney who displays a strong legal presence and a has a compassionate heart. We understand the emotional impact that domestic violence causes and if you are or have been domestically abused, please call us right away. You are not alone and there are legal actions that can protect you from further abuse. We provide guidance, advice, and precise legal action to ensure that you and your loved ones find a resolution that protects your rights and safety. If you need a restraining order or have a restraining order against you, the Whitfield Law group has the experience to help you with these issues as well.

Asset Distribution


Children are the most important part of any separation although asset distribution can be one big mess. Equitable distribution of bank accounts, stocks, real estate property, retirement accounts, business assets, and many other types of assets qualify for equal distribution between separated individuals. Liabilities such as debt, credit card debt, mortgages, and personal loans may also be legally divided. In the majority of cases, a court appointment is required to divide each individual and equal share of the assets and liabilities. You may have had assets as an individual before your marriage and which may or may not be protected by law. Again, many variables come into play in the distribution of assets and liabilities between separated individuals and it is best to gain representation by an experienced attorney for representation. Some considerations by the court may include:

  • Contribution to the marriage by each individual
  • The length of the marriage
  • The economic and financial state of each party
  • Any possible interruption to a party’s education or professional career and the contribution of the other individual to each
  • An individual’s desire toward retaining a particular asset and the other party’s concession toward the asset
  • The potential to retain a marital home as a residence when a minor is involved if it is in the best interest of the party

There will likely be an entourage of lawyers, accountants, business appraisers, and asset appraisers involved in any separation, especially high and complex asset divorces. When high value and complex assets are involved, legal advice is essential and we can help you resolve your case.

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